This item appears as an expertly-crafted stone mug of marble encircled with a gold hoop inscribed with magical runes. It may be activated as a standard action to conjure any conceivable liquid with some restrictions. The conjured liquid may not be hotter than boiling water, nor colder than freezing water. The liquid may not be acidic in nature, nor may it contain any magical, arcane or divine, properties when conjured. It may have any other properties, such as a poisonous or flammable substance. Conjuring any liquid requires that its owner have knowledge of the liquid in question. A good example of common liquids includes water, oils, milk, honey, and most alcoholic beverages. Anything of notable rarity requires that the owner at least have heard of or studied the liquid if they haven't consumed it themselves. It conjures exactly one pint with each conjuring. Conjuring a liquid replaces any existing liquid inside it. Emptying the mug by any means, including throwing the liquid, is a standard action. There is no limit to the use of this ability.

Moderate Conjuration; CL 7th; Craft Wondrous Items, Create Water; Price: 8,000 gp; Weight: 3 pounds.

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