The Holy Order of Sal'Mon is a small, secret society dedicated to returning their ancient sea god, Sal'Mon, to power. Since its inception over a thousand years ago, it has been searching for lost lore, relics, and holy places, while trying to find devout followers sympathetic to the cause. Because gods are jealous things and the new gods are fearful of the old gods, and because a small order is very vulnerable, they place a high value on secrecy and staying out of sight for the time being. This is an uncomfortable but necessary position for a people so dedicated to Sal'Mon.

The Order recently found an ancient, ruinous temple dedicated to Sal'Mon. A small, rocky outcropping off the coast of Felingaar contains a cave just tall enough for smaller sailing vessels to enter, revealing a small cove on the inside, large enough to handle a half dozen small ships. This is where the temple is located, and this is where the headquarters of The Order is now located. The Order's membership consists of about fifty people in total.

Members of The Order are assigned a variety of tasks, depending on the needs of the order and the demands of Sal'Mon himself. Duties may include:

Important People

Greta Salmonson
The head of the order is an old Urasor named Greta; though her eyes are full of cataracts and all of her fur has left her body, she still manages to spear her own fish daily and feed herself. Greta acts as the supreme oracle to Sal'Mon, directing the overall goals of The Order and giving tasks to others. Her word is considered the law among The Order; defying her decrees is the same as defying Sal'Mon himself.

Hans Henrikson
Hans Henrikson is the owner of the Sea Dragon Transportation and Trading Company, a prominent company on Felingaar. With over two dozen ships in his employ, Hans controls a large portion of trade in the region. Although he is quite wealthy, Hans lives in a modest house attached to his offices. Some see this as a sign of eccentricity, while other see it as good business sense. His flagship trade vessel is the galleon Kraken's Pride.
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